God's Provision!

Daniel, the director and founder of Mirembe Cottage, took the girls to see their new land that God has provided. He said they were "so happy with so much joy." The girls prayed over the land asking God to provide for the construction of their new home.

When I first met these girls in 2012, they had only been off the streets for 6 months. They never stopped smiling, not once! They were so proud to show every visitor their beds, many of us not realizing it was because they had never slept on a bed before. Not one of the girls knew anything about Jesus before they came to Mirembe Cottage. They lived in utter hopelessness as they spent their days digging through the hot rotting trash for anything resembling food, and the nights huddled together in secret hiding places to try to keep from being abused.

Now just look at them!!! Their faces glow with the love of Christ! They are praying and asking God for another miracle, and they KNOW He is able! I mean there is not one doubt in any of their minds! Beauty for ashes! Grace, Grace, God's Grace! Don't you love how He can take so much hurt and pain and turn it into something so beautiful!

Thank you so much to those of you who gave and prayed for this land!

Contributed By: Dana Whitton