Breaking Ground on God's 40 Acres, 4-July-2015, New Sonrise Children's Home Complex

So excited to see what God is doing at Sonrise. As we are planning and have begun building a little at a time, God has provided funds to begin building our first school plus funds to begin building the children's duplex homes! Love seeing how God works.

As people ask us if this God sized dream is possible, we tell them no, it's not possible with just us; but YES, it is possible with God (the owner of this vision). Ivan and I have learned to live by faith and trust Him in all situations and it has proven to be worth every ounce of breath we have. This is God's vision that He has given us and He will provide in his exact timing and we just need to have faith and watch Him provide as he has done the past 5 years for Sonrise. This is all for His glory!!

We are still a long way from finishing and still have many financial needs to continue building but we know that God will complete this project. We can't wait to see the finished product one day and to raise our children up on this land to learn to serve and love the Lord with all that they do.

Please follow the happenings by staying in touch, visiting Uganda and serving with us.  

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Contributed by:  Melissa Mukulu, co-Director, Sonrise Children's Home