Sonrise Children’s Choir Recording Session

With great encouragement from Brenda Arinda, the Sonrise Children’s Choir completed a long awaited recording session this month. Their goal is to produce a CD that will be sold to earn funds for the choir to visit sponsoring nations to raise awareness about Sonrise Ministries and their efforts to save the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda.

The compilation includes eleven songs and a poem. The songs are a mixture of English and the different Ugandan languages. They speak about praise and hope for what God has done in their lives and that He is the only hope for the world.

Brenda shares that “this project is not happening because of their Individual strengths or because we know how to do it but by the power of the Lord. Zechariah 4:6. The lord tells me not to despise the day of small beginnings, Zechariah 4:10.”


Brenda continues, “the Lord has grown my faith in ways you can never imagine. I have learned about real faith, patience, and about sacrificial giving and love."

Their first album will be out in September of 2015 with the profits going towards helping the choir go on tour in 2016.

Those involved are ages 5 through 14. And is a combination of children from the Sonrise Children’s Home, girls from Mirembe Cottage and some from the communities around the Sonrise Jinja location.

"The children's confidence has grown. The choir helps them express their inner feelings thy might not otherwise express, and its a place of intentional discipleship; a platform to learn and grow." says Brenda.

Please continue to pray for this wonderful group of children and their desire to give back to our sponsors, the Lord and help Sonrise Ministries.

You can read more about the choir by clicking here.