Children's Home Update

One of the new living cottages

At the beginning of this month we were to welcome 10 graduating babies and 7 village children to our home but unfortunately we were not able to complete the 3 homes to move over and have the space that we needed. The baby home will keep the 10 babies and the families in the village will continue to care for the other 7 for now. We will prayerfully be in our homes soon. We need your help and support to make this happen. Please read and pray over the items we need to finish the homes, pray about giving or helping create a fundraiser to make this happen. We would like to move them in before the next school term. They are in order of importance.

New 8 Room School Building

House plumbing - $2k per home ($6k Total)
Electric wiring - $2k per home ($6k Total)
Plastering walls/painting - $5k per home ($15k total)
Inside Doors - $1.2k per home ($3.6k total)
Flooring Tiles - $5k per home ($15k total)
Window Screening - $1.5k per home ($4.5k total)
Solar Power - $7k per home ($21k total)
Latrines/Shower House - $20k total
Furniture - $28,500 at which I can break down at a later time.

Total of the above for the 3 homes to complete is $72,800

New water Well Storage Tanks

In 2018 we will be gaining another 10 children from the Babies Home besides the 10 we were to take on this year. So that means we need to build another cottage this year as well. We can accomplish this with $57k to build the home, furnish, and build another latrine/shower house.

Firing new hand made bricks

Firing new hand made bricks

School Room

School Room

We love you all. Thanks for your prayers and support of Sonrise Children's Home!

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