Praise Jesus! New Children's Home Taking Shape

April 2, 2018

Thanks to many loving souls, we are nearly finished with the 3 duplex cottages.  Each duplex cottage is 4,750 square feet (2.325 feet per side).  Latrines, solar power systems, and auntie's bathrooms are in process of being completed and provisions have been provided for window and door screening, outside stoves, bedding for 60 children and 6 aunties, dining tables and benches, personal trunks, shoes racks, and padlocks.  Our owned livestock includes 41 pigs, 26 goats, 2 milk cows, 2 oxen, and 6 chicken.  Cultivated fields include rice, corn, sweet potatoes, peppers, eggplant, 1 mango tree, and 1 jackfruit tree.  

  1. Painting the exterior of the cottages; working to complete the solar system to support cottages. 

  2. Continuing to maintain the access road (temporary repairs)

  3. Latrines / shower houses lack exterior plaster and paint (lack of funds); toilets and showers are functional. 

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