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Abundant Crops and Needs at the Children's Home

May 30, 2018

God has blessed us with great crops of cabbage, tomatoes and rice but our harvest season is fast approaching.  In July we need to bring in the corn and rice but need a place to store it.  Please pray for us in the following needs.

In the photos below you will see our partially completed storage building.  Our estimated cost to complete is $7,000.   We are also in need of major repairs to our main access road coming into our compound from the province paved road.  We estimate the cost to repair at $5,000. 

We are in need of a small fenced area to keep our cows at night, when they are not staked out to graze durign the day.  Currently they are stored with a neighbors fenced area but we have need to move them.  Please help us build a storage area for about $2,000.  We do not have enough land to fence in acerage and allow them to graze on their own.