You have the tremendous opportunity to be an active part in the lives of our children through prayer and financial partnership.   Sponsorships:

  1. Allow you to build a relationship with a specific child through prayer and love
  2. Help in providing housing, education, meals, medical care, and clothing for the children

We offer several levels of sponsorships, $30 through $120 a month.  Consider sponsoring a child and becoming a long-term prayer supporter for a child and their family.  Your monthly gift of $30 will change a life forever. 


These are all our children grouped by cottage at our new cottages after we move in late February 2018.

Jericho House

Zion House

Bethlehem House

Shiloh House

Nazareth House

Jerusalem House


We are still fully caring for these children, providing for educational, medical, food, and other needs. We thank their sponsors for their continued love and support.